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Today I bring to AndroidAdn Router Keygen 2.9.1, the latest version of this application for Android that allows you to decipher WiFi keys from your device. Router Keygen is able to calculate the router´s passwords  and so decrypt the WiFi WEP / WPA encrypted  keys. To do so, this app offers three methods, the first being the fastest and the slowest last.

  1. The use of a dictionary (default).  Available for download from the preferences menu
  2. Using an existing Internet connection. You can enable this feature in the preferences, is a bit slower than the first method, since it has to wait for the recovery of the keys.
  3. Native calculation (backup by default). With this method, even without a dictionary and Internet access, the apk will be able to calculate the keys. However, this method is much slower than the others, it may take up to 10 seconds into the Samsung Galaxy S2 or 2 minutes at low-end phones. (más…)

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